Koreanische Sprachreise 2018

Koreanische Sprachreise 2018

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15. Juli – 06. August 2018
22 Nächte / 23 Tage

Art.-Nr.: 15/07/2018-06/08/2018


Reisen Sie nach Nordkorea und lernen Sie nebenbei auch die koreanische Sprache kennen! In Kooperation mit dem englischsprachigen Reisevermittler Juche Travel Services, werden Sie in der „Kim Hyong Jik University of Education“ unter Anleitung koreanischer Sprachlehrer unterrichtet. Die Sprachreise wird vor Ort in Englisch durchgeführt, darunter fällt sowohl die Kommunikation mit den koreanischen Reiseleitern als auch mit den Koreanisch-Lehrenden an der Universität.
Reisezeitraum: 15. Juli – 6. August 2018 (22 Nächte in Nordkorea)
Buchungsannahmeschluss: 30. Juni 2018
Tourpreis: 2599 Euro pro Person
inkl. Zugtickets Peking-Pyongyang und Pyongyang-Peking
inkl. Unterbringung im Doppelzimmer (Einzelzimmerzuschlag: 660 Euro)
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Day 0 (Saturday 14th July 2018)
You will meet your JTS Tour Guide at a DPRK restaurant in Beijing at 12:00 hrs for a pre-tour briefing, visa handover and complimentary welcome lunch, where any last-minute questions you have can be answered. Afterwards, we will head to BEIJING STATION and board the K27 towards Pyongyang. 17:27 hrs: Depart Beijing for Pyongyang! We recommend arriving 1-2 hours before your scheduled time of departure to ensure a smooth journey. Once arriving at the Chinese border city, Dandong, we will prepare to exit the train. Your JTS Guide will be on hand to ensure you board the correct onward train which will take us directly to Pyongyang. Please note that dinner is not included on this night but dinner boxes can be bought at all stations (hot water available on all trains).

Day 1 (Sunday 15th July 2018)
1750 hrs – Arrival at Pyongyang International Train Station. Welcome to the DPRK! Here you will be met by your KITC guides and driven the short journey through the city. You will enjoy a city walk and a chance to stretch your legs. The group will then be dropped off at the hotel (to be confirmed Pyongyang/Sosan/Haebangsan/Changwangsan 3* standard), where you can move in to your new accommodation, relax and freshen up. Dinner will be served at a restaurant in the city.

Day 2 (Monday 16th July 2018)
Classes begin! We start with a meet and greet session with your new North Korean professors and fellow classmates. The group will be divided according to ability with those in the intermediate and advanced classes taking a brief sorting assessment. Beginners are not required to have any previous knowledge of Korean. Textbooks are provided by the university as per your requirement. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant before returning to the hotel where students can relax and freshen up. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to join our collaborative language lab session, completing homework or simply practicing what you have learned alongside your local guides. Depending on timings, optional extra-curricular activities such as Masterclasses in Taekwondo, the traditional martial art of Korea, and traditional Korean dancing will be available. Our tourism itinerary this afternoon will see us explore the heart of Pyongyang. We will firstly have a look round the Mansudae Fountain Park before having a chance to pay respects at the Mansudae Grand Monument, two vast bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il overlooking Mansu Hill. The bus will then stop at Kim Il Sung Square, where many of the military parades take place, for a photo opportunity before the group heads to dinner at the Taedonggang Diplomatic Club.

Day 3 (Tuesday 17th July 2018)
The second day of classes begins again at 8:30AM. Koreans are known for their punctuality so be sure to arrive on time for morning class! In the afternoon there will be a visit to the Kwangbok Street Supermarket, where you can mingle with the local North Koreans and even exchange foreign currency to use Korean won! Dinner will be served at a restaurant in the city.

Day 4 (Wednesday 18th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. Instead of joining the afternoon language lab study session, the group today heads to Kim Il Sung University! We will firstly be shown round the grounds and buildings of the university before then joining the first part of the special lecture series, hosted by expert professors on a variety of themes. Dinner is served at the hotpot restaurant. Before dinner, there will be an optional visit to the Taedonggang No. 3 Bar, serving a full range of tasty locally brewed beers from the nearby Taedonggang Brewery.

Day 5 (Thursday 19th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. In the afternoon, we will visit the Sci-Tech complex, a newly constructed complex situated in the middle of the Taedong River followed by a city walk to take in the warm summer evening and beautiful cityscape of Pyongyang by night.

Day 6 (Friday 20th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. After class, students will remain on campus to join (optional) extra-curricular activities such as Korean Dancing or Taekwondo. In the evening, we will have the chance to enjoy some ten-pin bowling at Gold Lane bowling alley. To celebrate the end of your first week in the DPRK there will be a chance to sing your heart out with some traditional Korean Karaoke! Students should also pack an overnight bag this evening in preparation for the weekend excursion to Kaesong and the DMZ. On this night an optional excursion to a local pizza restaurant is possible, depending on the group (extra cost).

Day 7 (Saturday 21st July 2018)
AM: In the morning, students will have the special privilege of visiting the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the final resting place of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il. Formal attire is required – please avoid open-toe shoes, jeans, T-shirts etc. Afterwards, students will briefly return to the hotel to change, freshen up and collect their overnight bags. The group will then depart for Kaesong and the DMZ. We will stop for lunch in Sariwon City at the 8th March Hotel. PM: In the afternoon, the group will call in at the US War Atrocities Museum in Sinchon. Arriving in Kaesong City, we will check-in at the historic Kaesong Folk Hotel. Built in traditional Korean style, guests sleep on the floor and can experience the authentic life of a Koryo citizen. The rest of the afternoon will be given over to exploring Kaesong City, including a visit to the Tomb of King Kongmin, a UNESCO nominated world heritage site of Royal Tombs from the Koryo Dynasty. After a walk back it is time to retire to the hotel, where dinner will be served.

Day 8 (Sunday 22nd July 2018)
AM: The group rises early to visit Panmunjom and the DMZ where we can see first-hand the physical division of Korea and the immense historical legacy this has had on the nation. Arriving at the DMZ, we will be shown around by officers in the Korean People’s Army who will talk to us about the situation on the ground. Afterwards the group will enjoy a hearty ‘Royal Court’ style meal in the customary manner, served on the floor from bronze bowls. PM: The group then moves to the Koryo Museum, consisting of preserved Confucian buildings and a replica mausoleum depicting life in Korea during the Koryo dynasty. At the Korean Stamp Shop we can take the opportunity to browse the selection of traditional Korean wares and souvenirs before boarding the bus to begin the 2 hour journey back to Pyongyang. On route there will be a brief stop at the Monument to the 3 Charters of National Reunification. After dinner back in the city, students will have free time to complete homework assignments or relax in the comfort of the hotel.

Day 9 (Monday 23rd July 2018)
Week two will commence as per the daily schedule. Any class changes or issues can be discussed with the JTS Tour Leader who will be on hand to help. In the afternoon, we will round off the day with a visit to the impressive Tower of the Juche Idea, the largest stone tower in the world representing the self-reliant ideology of the DPRK. The Juche Tower also offers breathtaking views of the summer sunsets from its summit. This is then followed by a stop at the Party Foundation Monument.

Day 10 (Tuesday 24th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. In the afternoon students can enjoy walking around Moran Hill and mixing with the local Pyongyangites. It is then time to visit the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace. In Korea, it is said that ‘children are king’. They regularly come to the Schoolchildren’s Palace to practice extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, painting, traditional embroidery and other arts. Dinner will be served this evening at the Koryo Restaurant.

Day 11 (Wednesday 25th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. In the afternoon we again head to Kim Il Sung University for the second instalment in the expert lecture series. Dinner will be held at the duck barbecue restaurant followed by an evening visit to the Kaeson Youth Funfair.

Day 12 (Thursday 26th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. Following afternoon classes, the group will head to the 3 Revolutions Exhibition, a showcase of DPRK achievements in heavy industry, light industry and technology. A little light relief follows with a visit to the Circus, to witness impressive physical feats and light comedy. Dinner will be served at the KITC Restaurant.

Day 13 (Friday 27th July 2018)
&Classes commence as per the daily schedule. 7.27: Victory Day in the Fatherland Liberation War (Korean War 1950-53). Today is a very special day for the Korean people so expect much celebration and fanfare as the city comes to life! On this day there may be special celebrations/fireworks for the group to enjoy. Tonight’s dinner will be served at the Rakwon Restaurant. The very drinkable beers are brewed on site in the microbrewery and can be enjoyed at the bar after a long week’s studying! Students should also pack an overnight bag in preparation for their weekend excursion to Mount Myohyang.

Day 14 (Saturday 28th July 2018)
Today we will make our way north with a trip to Mount Myohyang, one of the noted mountains of Korea (2.5 hours’ drive). The first stop will be the intriguing International Friendship Exhibition, a vast underground structure housing all the gifts bequeathed to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from foreign dignitaries and nations. PM: The group will check in at the Chongchun Hotel with a chance to freshen up and have lunch. It’s then time for a visit to the historic Pohyon Temple, a preserved and partially restored Buddhist shrine in a beautiful mountainous setting. We then make our way into the mountains for a scenic walk alongside waterfalls, taking in the beautiful Korean vistas and watching the stunning sunset. The evening can be spent relaxing at the hotel.

Day 15 (Sunday 29th July 2018)
AM: After checking out, it is time to return to Pyongyang (2 hours’ drive), upon arrival we will call in at the Minye handicraft store for some souvenir shopping. There will also be time for a city walk to stretch our legs after the journey. PM: The rest of the day will be given over to the students for free leisure time, homework assignments and other activities to prepare for your final week’s stay in the DPRK. International soccer friendly games with local North Korean students can be arranged on this day.

Day 16 (Monday 30th July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. Before dinner today there will be a chance to enjoy a ride on the Pyongyang Metro, an important public transport artery and decorated in fine style with mosaics, marble and chandeliers reminiscent of the Moscow metro. You may even be lucky enough to try out one of the new DPRK-manufactured metro trains! After getting off, we will view the Arch of Triumph, built to commemorate the anti-Japanese struggle.

Day 17 (Tuesday 31st July 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. Today’s activity will take us to the vast Fatherland Liberation War Museum, accompanied by an opportunity to tour the captured spy ship USS Pueblo. Dinner will be served at a restaurant in the city.

Day 18 (Wednesday 1st August 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. After today’s third and final installment in the expert Korean lecture series at Kim Il Sung University, the group will have an opportunity to check out the Mansugyo bar, which serves a wide range of locally brewed beers on-site.

Day 19 (Thursday 2nd August 2018)
Classes commence as per the daily schedule. After classes there will be an optional trip to Munsu Waterpark where students can cool off from the hot summer sun. Dinner will be served at a local restaurant.

Day 20 (Friday 3rd August 2018)
In the morning it is time to put your knowledge to test! Those who pass the final examination will gather in the afternoon to officially graduate from Kim Hyong Jik University! You will receive an official diploma from the university awarded by senior officials and have an opportunity to share some light refreshments with your fellow students and teachers. We recommend preparing a small gift for your teacher as thanks on this day. Students should prepare their bags in preparation for the trip to Wonsan the next morning.

Day 21 (Saturday 4th August 2018)
AM: The group will depart Pyongyang for Wonsan (around 2.5 hours). On the way we will stop at the Sinpyong Resthouse for a chance to enjoy the stunning natural scenery. Arriving into Wonsan we will visit the Chonsam Cooperative Farm and the Wonsan Revolutionary Site. PM: A fresh lunch will be served at a local seafood restaurant, followed by an afternoon walk along the beautiful dockside. The group then will head to the beach at Songdowon. Here we can relax and swim like locals in the warm waters of the East Sea of Korea before checking into the Tongmyong Hotel in the evening.

Day 22 (Sunday 5th August 2018)
AM: We will check-out from the hotel to travel to the scenic Ullim Waterfalls. Amongst the beautiful vistas, the group can enjoy a picnic lunch and a spot of hiking should they wish. PM: The group will begin the journey back to Pyongyang (around 2.5 hours) before having free time in the evening to pack, relax and enjoy your farewell dinner, served at the Okryugwan Restaurant.

Day 23 (Monday 6th August 2018)
10:10 hrs: Teary goodbyes commence: The overnight sleeper departs Pyongyang for Beijing, arriving at 08:38 on Tuesday 7th August 2018.
Hinweis zum durchführenden Reiseveranstalter und zur Vermittlerrolle Pyongyang Travels
Bei der hier von Pyongyang Travel vermittelten Reise handelt es sich um ein Angebot des staatlichen nordkoreanischen Reiseveranstalters RYOHAENGSA Korea International Travel Company (KITC), Heaun 1 Dong, Pyongchon District, Pyongyang, D.P.R. of Korea. Bitte beachten Sie daher, sich im Falle von Beanstandungen bereits direkt vor Ort an KITC zu wenden und Reisemängel dort den Mitarbeitern anzuzeigen (KITC haftet für Reisemängel).
Die Programmpunkte im Reiseprogramm stellen einen vorab geplanten Abriss der Reise dar, der so mit dem staatlichen nordkoreanischen Reiseveranstalter KITC abgesprochen ist. Es kann allerdings vorkommen, dass gewisse Programmpunkte von nordkoreanischer Seite kurzfristig verändert, ausgetauscht oder in extrem seltenen Fällen gestrichen werden (in der Regel kommt es nur zu Änderungen der Reihenfolge der besichtigten Sehenswürdigkeiten; komplette Streichungen sind eine Seltenheit). Nordkorea ist mit gängigen Reiseländern nicht vergleichbar. Als Reisever mittler zwischen unseren Kunden, unserem Kooperationspartner, dem Reisevermittler Juche Travel Service (JTS), Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, London, United Kingdom und dem staatlichen Reiseveranstalter KITC, sind wir für solche etwaigen kurzfristigen Änderungen nicht verantwortlich und bitten um Ihr Verständnis, dass Reisepreise im Falle von Programmänderungen nicht voll oder anteilig erstattet werden können.
Der staatliche nordkoreanische Reiseveranstalter KITC legt großen Wert darauf, dass Sie ein positives Reiseerlebnis haben, sich wohl fühlen und tolle Erlebnisse mit nach Hause nehmen. Sollten vor Ort tatsächlich Beanstandungen auftreten, so ist KITC unseren langjährigen Erfahrungen nach stets darum bemüht, im Einklang mit den Reisenden die Beste Lösung zu finden.

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